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About Your Insurance

We are here to help you get the dentistry you want and need.

Did you know that dental insurance and medical insurance are nothing alike? While
medical insurance will cover most of your medical expenses with only a small co-pay
from you, dental insurance is more like an "assistance" type of program designed to
cover the basics, and some procedures at 50% of the total fee.

Please Provide Us With:
  The name of the insured
  Social Security Number of the Insured
  Social Security Number of the Patient
  Insurance Group Id number
  Phone number for the insurance company
  Address for where to send claims
We will verify your coverage and try to get
a breakdown of your benefits for you.

Your insurance plan was purchased and
chosen by your employer. Your insurance
policy is an agreement between you and the
insurance company.

As a courtesy, we will complete all your
paperwork and submit the insurance claim for
you at no extra charge.

Though we try to determine your actual co-pay
in advance, the insurance company makes the
final determination.

Often, insurance companies don't want what's
best for the patient...they want what is
cheapest for them.

We choose to participate only in dental plans that allow patients to have ethical,
durable dental treatment. We will not compromise on integrity. We choose not to
participate in plans that dictate inferior treatment for our patients.
In many cases, if we are not a "participating provider', we can still file on an
'out-of-network' basis.

If you find that your insurance is too limiting for the dental treatment you
need, we will attempt to find a payment plan that suits your budget.

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